Preparing the sticker and surface before application

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Prior to applying the SaferBike self adhesive products it is necessary to follow few important steps.

Useful things

  • Pair of scissors or utility knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Isopropyl-alcohol
  • Squeegee with a soft side or a cloth
  • Masking tape

1. Preparing the sticker
Stickers are delivered already pre cut in various sizes and shapes or in whole piece as a self-adhesive reflective film. Before application make sure that the sticker you chose is of its size and shape suitable for the intended place. Adjust the size if necessary with a utility knife or scissors.

2. Preparing the surface
To achieve a strong and permanent bond, it is important to remove all contaminants so as to provide a smooth, clean and dry surface before applying the adhesive product. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned of all grease, wax, silicone and any other materials that will affect the adhesive bond. We recommend to use a clean cloth with isopropyl-alcohol to wipe the surface. The adhesive property of the stickers is reduced on matte surfaces!

3. Application
Recommended application temperature range to achieve the best results is between 15°C to 28°C. Do not touch the sticky part so as not to degrade the adhesive properties! Start removing protective paper liner from the back of the sticker, adhere the sticker to the surface, continue to remove protective paper liner and press the sticker firmly to the surface using squeegee with a soft side or a cloth..